L'après campagne SEOW Crimée.

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L'après campagne SEOW Crimée.

Message par 615sqn_Buzz le Dim 8 Oct 2017 - 10:44

Si certains sont intéressés, je vous transfert ceci:

Iasi Campaign on Sundays, Some Team vs Team Fast DF on Wednesdays?

Salute Ladies and Gentlemen,

as you all know, we are the only remaining bigger group of IL2 1946 pilots so why not making use of that. Hyperlobby is empty and the servers ain't what they were quite frankly speaking. Hence, my idea was to keep this community together for some more fun in IL2 1946. Obviously we are all waiting in for the Gothic Campaign but why not warming up in the meantime?

Long story short:

On Sundays, we can continue with the Iasi campaign.
On Wednesdays or any other day (apart from Thursday) we may fly some Fast DF Team vs Team slaughter...I mean, you know what I mean: One small island, two bases - red and blue - both airspawn - no rules apart from fly, fight and die.

Let me know, what you think..



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